Webex Teams Media Node Discovery

Stoyan Stoitsev
1 min readJun 26, 2020


This is mostly a note to myself.

If you dig into the Webex Teams logs you can find a section with the reachability metrics to Cisco and any onprem media nodes you might have. The log file for this is the normal current_log.txt or the last_run_current_log.txt. Do a search for "traceResult" and you will see something like this below.

2020–06–25T11:48:26.971Z <Debug> [11460] MediaManager.cpp:1995 MediaManager::onTraceServersCompleted:In onReachabilityResultReady: earlyResult: 0, success: 1, traceResult:{some JSON formated result}

Here is a very simple and rudimental JS script to get those printed with just the UDP values next to each node. I am by no means a JS guru so there might be better ways to do that.

An important thing to remember is that the decision which node is chose is taken in the Webex cloud and cannot be seen clearly in the client logs.

let clusters = {













keys = Object.keys(clusters)

for (key of keys) {

subKeys = Object.keys(clusters[key])

for (subKey of subKeys){

if (subKey == “udp”){

console.log(`${key}, ${subKey}, ${clusters[key][subKey].latencyInMilliseconds}`)


Output looks like:

wjfk.wjfk.*, udp, 31
wsyd.wsyd.*, udp, 232



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