Reboot Dialogue Studio From Within a Flow

Stoyan Stoitsev
Jul 26, 2023


Short note on how to reboot your Dialogue Studio environment directly from a flow.

  1. Add an “inject” node so you can trigger manually.
  2. Add an “exec” node.
  3. In the “exec” node command field enter “reboot now”.

Now when you click the trigger button on the “Inject” node the command will get executed and your Dialogue Studio will reboot.

Caution: This is immediate and will take your flows and calls offline!

Exec node with reboot command.

You can of course go fancy with this and schedule or bring in other events to trigger the exec node.

Quite useful if you installed or uninstalled some community nodes and need a reboot.

More infomration on Anywhere365 Dialogue Studio can be found here:

Thanks to my colleague Ken Feagle for the tip 🚀



Stoyan Stoitsev

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