Custom Phonebook for Webex Devices

Stoyan Stoitsev
2 min readAug 24, 2022

In case you’ve wished your Webex Devices had a hierarchical, folder-based phonebook, then look no further 🤓 I have added exactly this functionality to my Strawberry project which you can find here

This feature will create a custom phonebook for your Webex devices by utilising the favourites functionality without replacing the standard directory.

I am using the Locations feature to create the folders. Then any device / workspace in a location is added as a member of that folder. Of course, empty locations and devices that are not in a location are skipped. You will have to create locations and assign workspaces to them via Webex Control Hub.

If you want to hide a specific device, i.e. the device is in a location but you do not want that device to show up in the folder structure, then add a tag dir_hidden directly on the device (via Webex Control Hub).

With this done, you can head over to my app at the link above, let it read your org devices data and see the example directory structure it will create in the Constructed Phonebook tab.

If you like what you see you can then push this to all devices in your org (you wild thing) or just a few to try it out. Note that the app will show you only Webex Room and Webex Desk devices, i.e. no phones or accessories like cameras.

Here is how it looks on a device:

You can also cleanup all created contacts and folders created with this feature by using the cleanup button. They are recognised as the app adds two empty spaces at the end of their names assuming no human would ever do that. This way existing favourites are not affected.

As this works fully in your browser, you will have to stay on that tab and wait for all selected devices to be updated.

Have fun and let me know your thoughts or wishes for this.



Stoyan Stoitsev

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