This is mostly a note to myself.

If you dig into the Webex Teams logs you can find a section with the reachability metrics to Cisco and any onprem media nodes you might have. The log file for this is the normal current_log.txt or the last_run_current_log.txt. Do a search for "traceResult" and you will see something like this below.

2020–06–25T11:48:26.971Z <Debug> [11460] MediaManager.cpp:1995 MediaManager::onTraceServersCompleted:In onReachabilityResultReady: earlyResult: 0, success: 1, traceResult:{some JSON formated result}

Here is a very simple and rudimental JS script to get those printed with just the UDP values next to each node. …

Stoyan Stoitsev

I do all stuff Webex and Cisco Collab at Frink Advanced Services GmbH

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